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CHS' M. A. G. E. is an organization
that meets to discuss and promote

1) Manga-Comic Books/ Compendiums
(all cultures, as well as Japan's)
2)Anime-Cartoons,Movies (FAN-SCIFI TV/Online Series)
3)Games-online and board
Join Manga, Anime, Gaming Enthusiasts Club
Anime Club = M.A.G.E. Club
Executive Meetings on Wed, Aug 28
1st all Guilds meeting is Fri, Sept 6

--All Clans meet every other Friday
from 3:30-5:00 pm

--Arts and Entertainer (A & E) Guild
will meet Wed-Fri to start making the homecoming parade decorations
Sept 11- 13

--Gamers' Guild will help out on these days too

All meetings in Ms. Hop's Room 204
--meetings consist of minutes, tasks
snacks, anime watching,
manga reading,
and/or gaming activities

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